Our philosophy

We are inspired by the moment in which an unconstrained personal expression of a woman was first born. Our signature elegance - simplicity nexus is a reliable source of empowerment and freedom. It gives us confidence, clear vision and passion: nothing stands in the way of PIXIE.

Our mark on the world

We accept no sacrifices. When aware of the surroundings, sustainability comes without an effort. Sensibility is innate for PIXIE: natural and durable materials are integral to our way of doing it - we can not imagine for it to be any other way.
Each piece of clothing is based on three things we highly value: universality, ease and statement. PIXIE stays faithful to black and white, making sure that every additional colour is selected mindfully. Feminine and masculine cuts are combined when creating non-seasonal apparel, enabling the wearer to consort to any occurrence.

The founders

PIXIE is a synergy between the inventor and the explorer, between a mother and a daughter. Between the values and the opportunities. PIXIE founders, mother-daughter duo Ingrīda & Dārta are aware that nothing has to be sacrificed: neither time, nor the planet, nor quality or confidence. PIXIE is not only a way of life that makes sense to both of them but also a symbol of their power when working in a team - everything falls in its right place just as it should be.

Dārta is the explorer of possibilities. Crossing borders and building bridges between ideas, she dives deep into the soul of PIXIE. Dārta knows that meaning is crucial for human beings: academic affairs in the field of Theology have left her with a habit of constant reflection. Although she unreservedly demonstrates her love for the sane, the bold and the sensible, a glimpse of mystery in Dārta remains.

Ingrīda is the down-to-earth inventor: first, there is an unmet need, and the next second a new idea is born. The myth of PIXIE unfolds on the road: Ingrida was not ready to give up style and aesthetics despite the limited baggage compartment of a motorbike. She is in charge of her reality and it is assuring: some people say there is a safe space always surrounding her.